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RAMA Newsletter Vol. 4 No. 9

In this Issue:

Our Students are Smarter

Summer Picnic

Art Lessons

Student of the Month

Pet of the Month

Contest Winners

RAMA Students are Smarter!
(Proof Below!)

Plus, did you win our contest??



Notes from Academy Director Brannon Hungness

Dear Students and Families,

Have you ever noticed that musicians have a unique, inexplicable aura of intelligence surrounding them?

Whether you choose to slap the bass like Flea, rock the guitar like Jimmy Page, or belt it out like Adele, something interesting will happen to your brain when you play a musical instrument or sing structured music. You’ll boost your motor skills, linguistic capabilities, and creativity, but there’s something even more impressive awaiting you…

By playing any musical instrument or singing, you will create new connections between both sides of the brain, strengthening the corpus callosum. No matter if you’re five or 55 years old, improving your corpus callosum is known to aid in problem-solving skills, decision making, and enriching your memory.

Beyond that, choosing your own personal passion plays a big part in how receptive you are to learning. So if you love playing a certain kind of music and love learning how to improve, your brain will ultimately want to learn more about everything! (Really, your brain WANTS to learn and when you learn things that make you happy or inspire you, your brain automatically wants to learn more.) What a huge advantage this offers you!

That’s why, at RAMA, we work with every student as an individual and why we strive to create the ultimate personalized environment for learning. We want YOU to be the BEST you can be!

Upcoming Events

September 24  RAMA Goes To Carnegie Hall
Students will perform at this world-famous venue. Woo-Hoo!

October 29  RAMA’s Haunted Cabin in the Woods Halloween Party!

Celebrate Halloween at the Buckland Lodge in Buckland Park. Our Halloween Parties have been rated one of “the Top 2 Things to do for Halloween” in the D&C for 2 years in a row!

November TBA  Photo Day

November 14 - 20  Students & Families Appreciation Week
We love and appreciate our students and families who visit us each week. YOU ARE AWESOME! And this is our week to honor you (and hopefully make you blush with joy!)

December 3  Student Art Gallery Show
RAMA art students will be showing their work to the public at the Rochester Brainery.

December 9, 10, and 11  Winter Recitals
We will return to The Strong for a series of recitals. Our biggest series of recitals yet! 12 recitals Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Sign up by September 30th.


Pet of the month

Meet Stella, a nine year old Pomerian Chihuahua mix. She was submitted by Candice J.

Submit a picture of your pet for RAMA’s Pet of the Month and get a $10 gift card if your
pet is chosen. 

Our Summer Picnic was a Blast!

Hundreds showed up for our 1st annual summer picnic. Food was served, games were played (both inside and outside), and music was performed. We even shot scenes for our upcoming Big Coconut video!


Student of the Month September: Joseph!

Joe takes guitar lessons at the Academy. He just got signed up for his 5th recital, and will be performing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame next year!

-How long have you been taking lessons?
Two and a half years.

-What is your favorite music?
Metallica, Mastodon, Pantera, Tool, Pink Floyd

-What are your other hobbies?
Video games, listening to music, hanging out with friends at school, movies.

-What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned in lessons so far?
To play songs I could not have on my own.

-What do you like about your teacher?
He’s cool and likes the same kind of music I do.

You can view all of our 2016 Students of the Month at our Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/RochesterMusicLessons

Our Art Lessons are really taking off!

We’re even having RAMA’s First Art Gallery Show on December 3rd
at the Rochester Brainery on Anderson Avenue in the Neighborhood of the Arts!

You can visit
To Refer Potential Students!

Our charity single, BIG COCONUT, is ready to EXPLODE on September 19!

Welcome New RAMA Students!!

Sybil M., Natalie W., Shea K., Katya W., Paige F., Kalki S., Lora A., Juni V B., Leila L D., Kate M., Xiamar R., Ben R., Sam R., John P., Jacob B., Scarlett S., Timothy J., Madelynn J., Lizzie G., Mike B., Roshan J., Violet G., Natalie T., Anushka M., Karla T., Elena M-N., Emiliana M-N., Ella H., Leo P., Michael F., Madelyn K., Diane E., Colby S., Wesley O.

Congratulations to...

The Dolan Family! For winning our monthly contest!

Contact the Academy within 7 days of receiving this newsletter to claim your prize!

Teachers are Selling Out FAST! Grab a slot while they’re still available!

Many teachers have sold out, or are close to doing so. There are still
limited lesson slots available! To inquire about lessons for September or October, or to be put on a waitlist for a certain teacher, send an e-mail to
info@rochestermusiclessons.com or call the office at 585-506-9437. Here is a PARTIAL list of who is full.
We have 25 teachers available, please call to inquire about other openings:
Kamara R. (Guitar, Piano): Waitlist Only
Sean D. (guitar, bass): Wednesdays 6:30, Thursdays 4:30pm open
Joe L. (Piano): Waitlist Only
Justin P. (Drums): Waitlist only
Bryce S. (Drums): Wednesdays, Saturdays SOLD OUT. Fridays 8pm
Ed K. (Guitar, Bass): Waitlist Only
Natalia B. (Voice, violin, piano, guitar): Waitlist only
Alexandria M. (Voice, Guitar): Waitlist Only
April G. (Voice, guitar, piano): Mondays 6pm, Wednesdays 4:30pm

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