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"The Rochester Academy of Music & Arts has been the most supportive & positive music school we have taken lessons at! My daughter's progress & self-esteem has increased, as has her desire to continue with lessons, all because of this school!"
-Cheryl C., Mom of Sarah (pictured above)

"We have truly appreciated the culture & philosophy of RAMA. Allowing the students to choose the songs they will be working on was a huge draw for us. The staff is extremely friendly & professional. There is a very personal feel to the whole organization!"
-Molly C., Mom of Jackson

Brandon (Left) is able to share his musical interests with them and play or sing songs he has chosen, what a huge difference this makes because he is having FUN while learning too! His self-esteem and confidence has SOARED while at the same time developing empathy for others. I have also observed Brandon taking more of a leadership role with others when they require help. Can you say WOW?!! As far as coping with Anxiety, he tends to use his practice time at home as a time to relax and enjoy and reduce any stress he is encountering, it is just so awesome to see how he has taken off.

RAMA is not just a great place, but it is full of warm and caring professionals who go the extra mile to ensure the BEST experience for their students. The Director and Owner are deeply committed to the positive experiences and success of the students and it shows throughout the Academy and in the Community as well. Personally, I would like to Thank RAMA for coming into our lives as the BEST is yet to come!

-Stephanie B., Mom of Brandon

The Academy is such a friendly, encouraging place to take lessons. The atmosphere is unintimidating, and it's a very inviting way for kids to be introduced to music!

-Tim S., Dad of Avery & Olivia

We are very pleased with the Academy's approach. The school is very involved with parents & families of the students, we love how the teachers & owner take time to talk with the parents. There are also so many great events.

-Javier C., Dad of Jazzy & Janesse

"Just a note to let you know how much Tessa enjoys her guitar lessons! She looks forward to it every week and is motivated to practice. We are so happy we found the Rochester Academy Of Music & Arts! Being a teacher myself, I have very high standards and could not be happier with this school. The material is challenging and fun and the instructors are top-notch! I recommend the Rochester Academy Of Music & Arts to everyone!"
- Michelle C., Mom of Tessa

"My kids started lessons here this year and LOVE it. Very upbeat, energetic teachers, professional musicians."
-Maeve C., Mom of Abby & Sarah

"I absolutely love the Rochester Academy of Music & Arts...it's very affordable and most of all personable. I love the staff!"
-Shamika L., Mom of Ashle & Amariana

"If you have ever considered learning to play a musical instrument, the Rochester Academy of Music & Arts is the ideal place to learn. Rates are very reasonable and they offer lessons and times that will fit in anyone's schedule. The teachers are excellent, the lessons are fun and lead you to want to learn. The Rochester Academy of Music & Arts would be an excellent investment for you or your children."
-Ron R.

"We have been very pleased with our music lessons at the Rochester Academy of Music & Arts! The teachers are very knowledgeable & provide a fun learning experience"
-Anne S., Mom of Nora

"Starting lessons at the Academy was the right choice. They make learning instruments fun. I'm very happy with everything and can't wait until next week!"
- Georgia H.

"Everybody is friendly, even the parents in the waiting room. Very relaxed environment with serious learning!"
-Jamie S., Mom of Brody

Rochester Academy of Music & Arts gave me the confidence I needed when attempting to learn a new instrument in my 30's. I had some previous experience in reading music as I took piano at a very young age, but I decided to tackle violin and I fell in love! I had a very supportive and encouraging instructor who pushed me and provided tons of feedback. I will be forever grateful to the staff and teachers at Rochester Academy of Music & Arts!

-Melissa K.

"I really like getting to learn and play songs of my choice. I think that the lessons are very personalized and go at my own pace. I don't feel pressured like I expected before beginning lessons. I also felt that I was learning practical techniques from the start, which prevented me from getting discouraged."
- Marie C.

"The motivation of good instructors; productive, fun, on-target lessons, and a place where music is celebrated all make the practice time not only more enjoyable but also create real results. I can honestly say that I rate my experience at the Rochester Academy of Music and Arts with the best of my training. If you or your child wants to learn an instrument, you are in the right place."
-Michael N.

"Rochester Academy of Music & Arts is an amazing facility to further or start your musical career!"
-Maya D.

"They take the time to play with the student, even the basics. A good progression of learning from basics and scales mixed with songs and current sounds. Prompt, courteous and patient."
- Dom P.

"Seeing myself progress and adding new things in each song has been very exciting and fun!"
-Lauren S.

"These lessons are always fun, encouraging and make me want to learn more. At every lesson I learn something new. What was complicated becomes easy."
- Jadon P.

"[The Academy] teachers are great. They keep a good pace that makes you learn fast. I have taken lessons in the past and I have never progressed as fast or as much as I have with Academy instructors. I would recommend this school to anyone wishing to learn an instrument."
- Robin T.

"These lessons make learning fun. I have had other lessons that were very boring. These lessons are anything but boring!"
- Ken G.

"I get to choose songs I like, and my teacher introduces me to songs he likes too. We have a lot of fun!"
-Taryn K.

"What I really wanted for my kids was to find the fun and joy of music, and [the Academy] is allowing them that opportunity."
-Judy G.

"Lessons are fun and exciting at the same time! Thumbs up!"
-Alexsei C.

Democrat & Chronicle wries:

"[The Academy] creates a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere that treats students' interests and distinctive talents with respect."

City Newspaper writes:

"Hungness' teachers aren't the corduroy button-down types you might expect.

No; these guys are in the trenches practicing what they teach."

Freetime Magazine writes:

"The 'Rochester Academy Of Music And Arts' faculty boasts some of Rochester's top local musicians."

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