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Week of February 28, 2023

May 3, 2023

Week of February 28, 2023

How does RAMA put together our recitals?

A behind the scenes exclusive with Brigid

First it’s getting everything booked, which is a process in itself! Booking venues involves a lot more than just dates and times, you have to make sure you have all the applicable insurance certificates to provide the venue, you have to go through all the contracts, you even need to consider how many electrical outlets there are!

Once the venue is booked, we work on signups, and making our program. At the Academy, we get together all of the backing tracks, go over the staging for every performance, and make the programs. Two days before the show, we spend a couple of hours after close packing up all of the equipment that we need, because we always try to set up the day before!

You have probably met Ed at the Academy, he might even be your teacher! Ed and I do the equipment setup at the recital. First we unload all of the equipment we packed up the night before. For amplification, we use a house PA system that is hooked up to our mixer. All of our sound equipment, instruments, and microphones get connected to the mixer. There are so many cables to keep track of! We also connect a computer to the mixer so that we can pull up the backing tracks when needed.

After that, we do a full sound check to make sure everything is connected properly, and to study all the sound levels! Setting up and sound check takes several hours, that is why we try to do it in advance!

If we are doing a recital at Strong Museum, we will then program the lighting setup, projector, and the house mics. If we are holding a recital in the park, we will go to buy hot dogs and veggie dogs to grill at the show. Last year we grilled over 200 hot dogs for the event!

The best part of all the work is being able to help the students have a great experience performing, and seeing what they have been preparing over the past months. I feel so happy and proud of everyone, and I love seeing how their performances become more complex over the years!


Q: What do dogs do when they need a break while watching a movie?
A: They put it on paws.

Q: What do astronauts do before throwing a party in space?
They planet.

Q: What did the cupcake say to the frosting?
A: “I’d be muffin without you!”

Summer Recital

Don’t forget to sign up for our Summer Recital. The Deadline for signing up is February 28th. Sign up at the front desk or call (585) 506-9437

Frontier Field Event

July 22, game starts at 6pm

Sing the National Anthem right on the field

Christmas in July themed event at the stadium

Fireworks after the game

RAMA students and teachers sit together!

Sign up at the front desk or call (585) 506-9437

Comic Book & Cosplay Week

May 1-6

Pop culture theme all week

Dress as your favorite character from comic books, anime, etc.

Everyone who dresses up gets a free comic book

Photo booth props for photos

Trivia contest


Special treats

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Have a great week, from the RAMA Team!

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