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Week of January 10, 2023

May 3, 2023

Week of January 10, 2023

Read the E-zine Contest!

Each month, in a random issue, you will be able to enter our “Read the E-zine Contest” for a chance to win a $100.00 gift. There will be a trivia question for you to answer and everyone who answers correctly will be put in a drawing to win.

Send your answers to

Here’s this month’s Trivia Question:

Who sang about being an “eggman” and a “walrus”?

Welcome New December Students!

Charleigh, Grace, Collin, Sophie, Adeline, Lee, Colin, Lida, Jason, Theo, Don, Victoria, Olivia, Ezequiel, Ayriie, Cylina, Sky, Ezra, Izak, Tessa, Silas, Carvin, Andy, Flo, Diamond, Alicia, Max, George, Corey, Santiago

Box of Chocolates Special!

Sign up another family member or give a gift certificate (4 lesson minimum) to a friend or coworker and get a free registration, a free lesson, and a heart-shaped box of Dove chocolates. Offer ends on Tuesday, February 14th.

Pet of the Month: Hector

We HAD to give the honor of our first pet of the month section to Hector, the Academy Dog!

Many of you have met Hector at the school or at the summer recital. He is a Chihuahua and Jack Russel mix who is about 15 years old. He is originally from Tennessee and was rescued by a wonderful Rochester NY pet rescue called ROC the Dog!

Hector’s hobbies are eating snacks, sleeping, laying in the sun, and being held. His favorite food is chicken (without bones!) and peanut butter. He loves soft and warm things and car rides. He is everyone’s best friend!

You can submit your own pet of the month to be featured by emailing

Summer Recital

Don’t forget to sign up for our Summer Recital. Spots are filling up. Sign up at the front desk or call/text (585) 506-9437

Until next week!

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