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Week of January 17, 2023

May 3, 2023

Week of January 17, 2023

Interview with Academy Owner & Author of The Book on Music Lessons, Brannon Hungness

What made you want to become a musician?

Hungness: My father had a guitar and I started making noise on it at a very early age. I found my parents’ old Beatles albums. And I started taking lessons when I was 6. That’s about it. It was always there.

Of the many celebrities you have collaborated with, who was your favorite and why?

Hungness: That’s a tough one to answer. But I might have to say Jerry Marotta. Not only is he a fantastic drummer, he also owns two recording studios. So there’s all kinds of instruments and equipment to play with.

What was the most interesting venue you have played at?

Hungness: Probably Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. The sound was incredible. The place was sold out. David Bowie was there. It was tremendous!

What do you think makes a good musician and why?

Hungness: Although a certain amount of technique has to be learned, it’s about the feelings a great musician can inspire.

What inspired you to start the school?

Hungness: Music has given so much to me. I wanted to share that with others. I think the value of learning to play music is extraordinary.

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